7 Laws for Engaging Spirit in the Workplace:
Discover the Values and Ethics of Spirit in a Changing World

Seven Principles for Professional Success and Satisfaction

Based on The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success by Deepak Chopra

Developing and holding values that make ethical sense in a rapidly changing and demanding business environment is a formidable challenge for today's business leader. News headlines featuring a parade of former business executives facing criminal charges provide ample evidence of the difficulty people face in reconciling their drive for financial success with their ethics. Its clear that legal or social rules are inadequate to control our ethical behavior, except when people are caught breaking laws.

Clearly, business managers need a deeper set of principles and values, aligned with an inner sense of their spiritual being, that guide their behavior and sense of authentic success. There is a clear need for a way of being that is based on a universal set of principles, transcending old legal or religious rules that no longer serve to guide our way through the pressures of this business climate. This can only be truly found in an internal connection with our spirit, providing an innate sense of integrity more important to us than any potential external reward.

Participants in this workshop explore seven profound and powerful principles, integrating these ideas into their way of being. By embracing and internalizing these laws, individual transform their relationships to themselves, their work, workplace, colleagues, customers, and other stakeholders, consciously create success in the deepest personal sense, and develop an inner integrity superior to that dictated by any external set of rules.

The Workshop

The workshop, based on the book The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success by Deepak Chopra, was developed by the Corporate Programs & Services Group at the Chopra Center for Well Being. The workshop uses small and large group discussion, video, music, meditation, and exercises to create a transformational experience. For the practical professional, mastery of each law results in the development of specific management competencies. These skill sets were defined by leadership development consultants, Lominger Limited, Inc., as part of a set of 65 comprehensive management competencies.

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