Spirit in Life: Realizing and living your true potential

Our "Spirit in Life" programs take you on a journey into the deepest levels of your own being, unveiling the authentic self and enabling it to emerge and function in the physical world. As we engage in these courses, we discover that our sense of self, our egoic self-image is shallow and unreal. It is a constructed facade, a set of reactive programs that are triggered by specific stimuli. When our real self emerges, we experience a different presence, one that sees and experiences life with an unobstructed clarity. We see our ego-personality as a pale facsimile of the real thing, and our forced qualities are replaced by genuine strength, love, compassion, will, intuition, spiritual connection, and the ability to create what we choose to in the world.

Our offerings include a combination of workshops and one on one coaching:


A powerful series of three workshops, conducted over nine days, licensed from Star's Edge International. Avatar® provides you with a powerful set of tools and processes to "discreate" the beliefs and identities that keep you stuck at your current developmental level, limiting your ability to realize and express your true potential.

While many personal development courses talk about the life changes that are possible through changing one's beliefs, none of them provide really effective methods to make such deep transformations in one's sense of self. The Avatar processes are remarkably effective, as you will see in the following pages.

The Avatar CourseTwo key distinctions are embedded in these tools: the ability to experience one's old beliefs, emotions, and thoughts completely, and to do so from a space of non-judgment. Our difficulty in releasing old beliefs is tied into our judgments of these experiences as bad, wrong and undesirable. "Whatever you resist persists." The Avatar training takes you step by step through an experience of the arbitrariness of all your judgments, to a place of neutrality, freeing you to complete old experiences and release them in a matter of minutes.

During the course you experience your Source-Self, and your power to discreate and create your beliefs and identities at will.


Soul Power

This workshop and coaching program is conducted in three sections, two workshops followed by a one on one coaching program.

As human beings, we need to make sense of our world to function in a meaningful way. Historically, we have had access to two broad ways of interpreting who we are, and what we are doing in the world: religious-traditional belief systems or scientific-modern perspectives. For people at the leading edge of human development, neither of these frameworks is now adequate. Such people find the notion of God as "Big Daddy in the Sky" wielding a stick an infantile idea, and the concept of a Universe that came into existence as a product of random chance not consistent with their own, inner spiritual experience.

The Soul Power series provides a new framework of interpretation based on spiritual evolution, integrating psychological, sociological and spiritual developmental models, and the tools to navigate this new model of human consciousness. The coaching program assists you in determining your personal location on the consciousness map, mapping your individual development path, using the tools to grow consciously and rapidly, and live your life engaged in developing and expressing your special talent and purpose.

Transformational Life Coaching

Unlike most life coaching, which is oriented towards accomplishing specific life goals, or resolving problems, developmental coaching is fundamentally about growth, about developing more capacity to clarify one’s deeper life purpose, think more systemically, feel more deeply, relate more openly, and act more effectively.  As we realize and express more of our innate potential, we experience an enhanced capacity to achieve our goals and solve our problems.  We come to an understanding that life is about growth, and we learn to engage consciously in that process, so that it becomes enjoyable and illuminating, rather than disruptive and painful.


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