Workshops and Coaching: A brief summary of our transformational services

Spirit in Life

Our "Spirit in Life" programs are designed to assist participants in realizing and living their full potential. These programs take you on a journey into the deepest levels of your own being, unveiling the authentic self and enabling it to emerge and function in the physical world.

A powerful series of three workshops, conducted over nine days, licensed from Star's Edge International. Avatar provides you with a powerful set of tools and processes to “discreate” the beliefs and identities that keep you stuck at your current developmental level, limiting your ability to realize and express your true potential.

Soul Dance

The Soul Dance realizes that authentic relationships are a path to spiritual transformation. In this powerful workshop you learn that:

  • The spiritual purpose of all relationships is to help you develop by reflecting to you where your soul wants you to grow
  • To truly relate to another you have to be fully yourself.
  • True satisfying contact requires both presence and openness, and leads to a transforming experience of oneness with spirit.
  • Passionate intimacy requires the development of sexual polarity.
  • How to attract and be in the Soul Dance through powerful, experiental guided meditations.
Transformational Life Coaching

Unlike most life coaching, which is oriented towards accomplishing specific life goals, or resolving problems, developmental coaching is fundamentally about growth, about developing more capacity to clarify one’s deeper life purpose, think more systemically, feel more deeply, relate more openly, and act more effectively.  As we realize and express more of our innate potential, we experience an enhanced capacity to achieve our goals and solve our problems.  We come to an understanding that life is about growth, and we learn to engage consciously in that process, so that it becomes enjoyable and illuminating, rather than disruptive and painful.

Spirit at Work

These programs develop individuals to their full potential, which is frequently well beyond anything they may have imagined. Most individual development programs offer different kinds of skills training, or coaching at a psychological level.  Transformational leaders, however, are rarely distinguished from others because they possess superior skills to their peers.  Rather, they demonstrate a quality of spirit that enables them to express and live to their full potential, see possibilities in their people that others do not, and to create a space in which everyone has the opportunity to develop and express their full potential. 

Seven Laws for Engaging Spirit in the Workplace

This workshop, based on the book The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success by Deepak Chopra, was developed by the Corporate Programs & Services Group at the Chopra Center for Well Being. For the practical professional, mastery of each law results in the development of specific management competencies. These skill sets were defined by leadership development consultants, Lominger Limited, Inc., as part of a set of 65 comprehensive management competencies.

ReSurfacing® Workshop (Avatar Section I)

The ReSurfacing® course is the cutting-edge self-development program that can answer the demands of outpacing an ever-evolving business culture. This program focuses on developing the whole person through an experiential based workshop that explores the underlying structure of human interaction, behavior and performance – beliefs. By managing beliefs the individual can overcome personal limitations that impede the flow in business operations. This innovative approach creates happier, more adaptable and more effective employees and managers, which in turn, empowers the organization as a whole.

Executive Development Coaching

Are leaders born or made?  A great deal has been written about leadership and its attributes, and many leadership programs have been offered to the corporate world.  However, a deeper examination of the many qualities that distinguish transformational leadership reveals a common thread: all these attributes are functions of the individual’s level of cognitive and emotional development.  Cognitively, transformational leaders are able to think systemically, assess situations more completely, examine and question underlying beliefs and assumptions, see what others don’t, and so bring new paradigms into existence.  Emotionally, such leaders are aware of their own and others developmental process.  They are able to relate to others with greater understanding and compassion, and inspire them to grow to and express their real potential.  Our executive development coaching program helps executives and managers to uncover their innate cognitive and emotional potential, and to become transformational leaders.



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