The ReSurfacing® Workshop: The Cutting Edge

Adapting to a rapidly changing world is one of the most difficult challenges businesses and organizations face in this highly competitive Information Age. The accelerated speed of progress and change organizations face internally and externally has exceeded the coping ability of their practices and processes.

To succeed in this aggressive new economy, companies must go beyond just keeping up with the change culture — they must stay ahead of it. The ability to anticipate and respond to change is the key element to effective management. This capability can be developed in the organization's leadership through innovative self-development training. Encouraging learning, participation, innovation and risk taking requires transcending traditional self-development approaches. Programs must go beyond teaching word lessons centered around positive thinking, principles or values. Implementing experiential courses that offer managers and employees practical tools that can be used in everyday work situations is the next step in training and development evolution.

ReSurfacing® (Avatar® Section I) is the cutting-edge self-development program that can answer the demands of outpacing an ever-evolving business culture. This program focuses on developing the whole person through an experiential based workshop that explores the underlying structure of human interaction, behavior and performance beliefs.

By managing beliefs the individual can overcome personal limitations that impede the flow in business operations. This innovative approach creates happier, more adaptable and more effective employees and managers, which in turn, empowers the organization as a whole.


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