ReSurfacing® Goals: Increased Insight and Capacity

Through a repertoire of hands-on exercises, participants in this innovative course will create increased insight and competency in the following areas:

Leadership Development

Using a Personality Profile questionnaire, participants will develop a blueprint describing how they currently define themselves, both personally and professionally. Based on this insight, individuals will use the tools to:

  • Discover and manage limiting beliefs that impede their performance in the workplace
  • Create empowering goals that align their personal and professional visions
  • Enhance creative thinking using insight and directed attention
  • Strengthen their willingness to take risks and handle consequences of decisions
  • Reduce stress and increase productivity by shifting viewpoints and redirecting attention to their intended goals
  • Enhance their ability to improvise and adapt to change through an expanded sense of self and mission
  • Free more attention and increase multi-tasking ability under pressure

Interpersonal Development

Using the course techniques, participants will have an increased ability to:

  • Reduce tension in potential conflict scenarios by broadening perspective
  • Listen with more free attention and increased understanding
  • Discover and manage self-deception signals to align goals and actions
  • Communicate intentions with more clarity and compassion
  • Relieve emotional upsets and shift viewpoints for better work performance
  • Foster and convey the vision/mission of the organization to the workforce

Client Relations Development

Graduates will enhance their ability to deal with today's demanding customers by learning to:

  • Shift attention from personal agendas to win-win scenarios for the organization and its clients
  • Anticipate client needs and viewpoints through more attentive interaction
  • Handle customer concerns/complaints with increased insight, compassion and clear communication
  • Deliver services/products with integrity and in a responsible, timely manner
  • Release judgments on client attitudes and behaviors that hinder successful interactions

Team Development

Course participants in this workshop will learn to create effective, integrated teams by:

  • Utilizing a proven problem-solving tool for teams described in The Thoughtstorm Manual
  • Integrating individual perspectives and talents within a larger group
  • Increasing individual creativity through synergistic, solution-oriented teamwork



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