Transformational Life Coaching : Being Who You Really Are

Are you living and expressing your full potential?  Is your work your true vocation, truly satisfying and nurturing to your soul?  Do you experience deep connection in your important and intimate relationships?  Are you sensing a deep inner pull to grow, be more, do more and have more in your life?

“Be-Do-Have” is a phrase that’s been working its way into our lexicon.  It means, obviously, to “have” what you want you have to do what is required.  To be able to “do”, it’s necessary to “be” the person who can take the required action effectively.  So, what does the word “be” actually mean in this context?

From a developmental perspective, “being” means how you think and feel, how you make sense and meaning of the world and yourself.  As you grow, you develop a greater capacity to think fluidly and systemically, see the world and yourself more clearly and from a wider perspective, become more self aware, and integrate your capacity to continue your own transformational process as life demands more of you to be present.  In other words, more of your real potential is realized and expressed.  “Being” more of who you are enables you to “do” more, and “have” what you want.  We generally do discover, though, that the happiness we expect to find in “having’ actually occurs with “being.”  The success in life is a nice byproduct of our development process.

Psychological and sociological research over the last fifty years has revealed that adults can continue to develop all through their lives.  This development occurs in multiple areas: cognitive, emotional, social, ethical, values, needs and others.  The research also indicates that development occurs in stages, and that human beings evolve step by step through these levels.  By assessing an individual’s social-emotional and cognitive development stages, we gain deep insight into the underlying causes of their difficulties in accomplishing what they want. 

Our life coaching system takes you through a process of self exploration, discovery, knowledge, and transformation.  We initiate the process by assessing the interaction between the difficult areas in your life and your cognitive and emotional developmental profile.  Based on the assessment, you can see a map of your own inner journey, and your current location on the map.  The self exploration reveals in more detail the ways of thinking and feeling, values, beliefs and patterns that obstruct your growth.  As you develop a deeper self knowledge about these patterns, you are able to understand and release them.  This enables the emergence of the next level of development, and a greater capacity to be, think, feel, and function.  This capacity is what enables you to succeed in having what you desire, and to effectively handle the challenges life brings you.

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