TLC Process and Prices: What to expect from your coaching engagement

Coaching Goals

The Transformational Life Coaching process assists the client to:

  • Develop a deeper understanding of who they are, their life purpose and their dreams.
  • Translate their dreams, purpose and intentions in to specific long and short term goals.
  • Develop plans to achieve their short and long term goals and take actions to achieve these objectives.
  • Resolve problems impeding their ability to succeed in their current pursuits.
  • Discover and realize the next stage of their inherent potential through a process of conscious development
  • Expand their sense of “Being” to source their “Doing” and “Having”


1. Intake interview to explore the client’s dreams, goals and concerns and to determine if Transformational Life Coaching is appropriate for them.

2. Determine and conduct the appropriate assessments based on the client's intentions and issues.

3. Weekly or-biweekly coaching sessions for three to six months (based on an initial assessment of the work required to meet the client’s objectives.) The sessions use the client’s specific goals and problem issues to explore the client’s ways of thinking and feeling that keep them from becoming the person they are capable of being, help them to release their limiting self-concepts, and learn expanded ways of being that enable them to do and have what they want in their lives. The coaching sessions include:

  • "Subject-Object" dialogue that assists the client to see themselves more clearly, develop greater self awareness and determine clear goals.
  • Study and practice assignments that faciltate their growth process.
  • Guided somatic self inquiry, meditation and energy healing to remove emotional blocks and limiting beliefs impeding their abilty to grow and achieve their dreams.

4. Completion interview to assess the degree of success of the coaching process. An "after" developmental assessment can be conducted if the client requests it.


Social-emotional Developmental Assessment  $300

Cognitive Development Assessment                $300

Spiritual intelligence Assessment                     $249

Enneagram Personality Type Assessment        $100
Individual Sessions (1 hour)                             $100
Three Month Contract (12 sessions)              $1,080  (Payable in monthly Installments)
Six Month Contract (24 sessions)                  $1,920    (Payable in monthly Installments)

Six Month Contract (12 sessions)                  $1,080    (Payable in monthly Installments)



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