Coaching Results: "You held my feet to the fire and asked me to take risks."

Comments from Coaching Clients

Jenny Simon, University Director of Clinical Operations, Tucson, Arizona

As I graduate and become Dr. Simon. I would be remiss not to thank the mighty influences that channeled me to this place. There have been three major turning points in my life. Luckily, each of these three moments resulted in my expanded worldview and an academic forward choice. During each of these essential times, the universe brought in a mighty sage, a lighthouse to help me navigate the waters. My third teacher was YOU who helped me deconstruct my ego. Any variation to this path would have changed the trajectory of my life so significantly. It is amazing to think that one helper could create such a profound impact on a person.
In 13 years, I transitioned from an actor studying the individual self, to a therapist studying the relationship with other, into a PhD studying the collective consciousness. Back then, I could not contemplate that I would become a faculty member at the University of Arizona, doing trauma work, and pondering the next steps of my journey. Due to your direct influence, I am. Thank you for being so outstanding and genuine. Thank you for being my lighthouse. Thank you for setting an example of academic rigor and integrity. I am indebted to your big picture, non-duality view. You have supported me and given me tools to create my reality. You saw my potential when I was stuck in Maya. You held my feet to the fire and asked me to take risks. I deeply love and honor you. Thank you for being my lighthouse

Jeni Grossman, Author of Missing Pieces, Beneath the Surface, and Behind the Scenes (Now currently writing her memoirs in Gilbert, Arizona)

“As a writer of fiction, I generally use pure imagination bolstered with some solid research to do my work. But last year, I began to write my memoirs. Because this kind of writing involves telling the absolute truth about one’s own life, I entered an intense, stubborn, and very prolonged writer’s block. I knew this block would never go away without expert help. Although I expected I would need months of therapeutic work to break through it, Sunil was able to dislodge it in just one session. Using his wide array of modalities, he gently and skillfully helped me pinpoint what was keeping me from writing—then helped me release it completely. Even my mother (who died seven years ago) showed up to help me achieve the balance and emotional freedom I needed. Since that session, I have written continually. I thank Sunil for helping me get back on track.”

K.D.A, Attorney and Business Consultant, Fort Lauderdale, Florida
I have been privileged to work with many spiritual gifted mentors. None has come close to Sunil in delivering astute, empowering observations with timeliness, wit and humor. Sunil taught me how to confront my deepest self with both honesty and compassion. His quiet understanding made it possible for me to journey to places seldom explored, to learn from the enounter and to disband limiting beliefs. Not only was the impact profound, it was also fun. I gained the perspective needed to laugh at and with myself and to locate new and better ways of approaching life and my challenges. Many thanks to you Sunil. Sometimes, those of us who think we know are some of the most difficult clients to manage. Yet, you did so gracefully and graciously. Every transition, hiccup and accomplishment since that time has come as a reminder of the perceptible "shift" I experienced after doing "Resurfacing" and the follow up course. My time with Sunil marked the beginning of a new, more introspective and meaningful soul-search. Many, many thanks.

James Engelbrecht , Phoenix, Arizona

Sunil has a gift for helping you realize your own truth, not his truth, or truth from someone else. Realizing what my truth is and how it affects my life has been and continues to be very healing for me!

Leah Lamphier, Aesthetician, Scottsdale, Arizona

Sunil has helped me see the patterns I had been repeating. With his coaching and energy work I have been learning to express my feelings in a positive way and break the patterns that have brought me so much unhappiness. I have always wanted to grow as a human being and with Sunils guidance I feel he has helped me grow in a more focused and loving way. I will be forever grateful for his kind, open hearted, loving manner and friendship.

M.S, Software Engineer, Phoenix, Arizona

Sunil saw me as a coach and I felt that he saw me as an individual very quickly and deeply. He is extremely gifted at seeing to the core of deep personal issues and he very insightfully and quickly finds or helps his clients find a path to final solution! He is a very special man with a lot of care and it comes through in his coaching. I wholeheartedly recommend Sunil!

Tera Freestone, Phoenix, Arizona

I have been mentally sending you feedback regarding my session with you on Monday, ever since I drove away from your place.
I decided to actually send it to you, for what ever it may be worth. If anything, it is satisfying for me to speak my experience. I have desired to go beyond describing and explaining. My desire was to actually share with you what I got from being on your table.
As I was driving away, I had the most smooth, cool peaceful sense of myself and the world around me.
As I drove out onto Frank Lloyd Wright Boulevard, I felt as though I were gliding through my life. It was groundedly amazing to me, and very moving. I felt as though I were in another realm - an expanded version of this one.
This feeling stayed with me all day and into the night and colored my actions and interactions with others, and in very satisfying ways.
The next day, which was yesterday, I was happy, and yet blue somehow, all day long.
As I was doing my household chores and trying to get the children to help ( trying to get the children to help is another source of pain I will bring to the table soon ), my son put on some Pink Floyd per my request.
As I was working while listening to the music, the song "Comfortably Numb" came on. I got hit by a deep, deep sadness. With these words from the song I began to weep...

  "When I was a child
  I caught a fleeting glimpse
  Out of the corner of my eye
  I turned to look but it was gone
  I cannot put my finger on it now
  The child is grown
  The dream is gone
  I have become comfortably numb


I kept working while noticing that the sadness came from a very deep place and that it was not just mine.
I felt as though I were in some soup of the human condition. Although these are words describing an experience, what I was experiencing went beyond concept. It was wordless. And it was sad. Very.
I remember your instruction to me. I have allowed myself to weep openly and freely. I am in the presence of so much sadness. Although it feels good to feel,  it is heavy. The unawareness and sadness is pervasive.
I thank you very kindly for the opportunity to release at such a deep level.
I have been in action in new ways since my session with you. I am accomplishing things that have just been sitting neglected.
Today I am very grateful for my life and my being and all of the wonderful people in my life who make a difference in my life and in the lives of others and in this world.
For me, you are one of those people and so this letter is me acknowledging you for being a wonderful human being who I am blessed to experience.



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