Energy Healing with Essence: A Unique Transformational Technique


The Method

Sunil has developed a unique energy healing methodology, a synthesis of the Diamond Approach, and a variety of other energy methodologies, such as Reiki, Pranic Healing, and others.  EHE works by extracting energetic patterns that are stuck in our energy bodies, and cause self-limiting beliefs and repeating emotional patterns.  Physical issues mostly occur when we carry these emotional and dysfunctional structures in our energy fields.


These patterns are then replaced with spiritual and essential energies.  For example, anger, often an ego response to feeing powerless in a situation, is replaced by the red strength essence, a spiritual quality.  It provides the capacity to live with autonomy, independence and vitality, and respond to situations appropriately with clarity and strength.  Healing grief, generally due to a sense of deep loss, is replaced by the green energy of compassion. Other essential energies available include truth (gold), direct knowing (blue), personal will (white or silver) universal will (platinum), power and peace (black), joy (yellow), personal love (pink), and passion (purple).


The Process

The coaching process identifies emotional, ego patterns that attract problem situations in life, and act as impediments to our natural development.  When the client is able to recreate the experience, and feel it somatically in their body, it provides access to the emotional energy. Sunil is then able to feel the energy, and help heal the emotional wound by shifting the energetic flow. While the immediate effects are somewhat unpredictable, clients have experienced intense emotional states, seen vivid energy colors, experienced past lives, and expanded states of consciousness.  Long term, they have observed releases of old mental and emotional patterns, and greater freedom in how they think feel and act.



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