The Avatar® Course: Create the Life You Want

Welcome to the immense possibility available to you in the discovery and experience of your True Self.

Avatar is a powerful self-development course, perhaps the most effective such program available today.  There are two core results available to you in this life transforming nine-day program:

  • A deep experience of your Authentic Self, and a sustainable expansion in your sense of who you truly are
  • An abilty to manage your reality with tools that enable you to release what you do not want, and create what you do want in your life

We appreciate that you might read these claims with some skepticism. If you have been interested in spiritual growth, and have engaged in any spiritual practice, you will be aware that it takes years of committed and rigorous practice to create these kinds of results. How then does Avatar create such results so quickly?

This is best understood by contrasting the Avatar process with meditation, a time honored practice leading to spiritual transformation. Meditation essentially works by quieting the mind enough for spirit, which is always present, to be seen and experienced. In our 21st century over-stimulated world, it takes quite some time and practice to get the mind to quiet down. By comparison, Avatar works by removing the mental objects that constantly grab the mind's attention, opening the pathways to the always-available experience of your Essential Self.   This simple and elegant process can be taught and used effectively in nine days. The essential element of this process is to learn to experience all of one's creations without judgment.

The same tools are used to manage your reality. In the Avatar Course you fully realize that your life is created by your inner reality. Your beliefs, perceptions and attitudes attract the events that occur in your life. As you use the Avatar tools to transform your inner reality, you can deliberately change your beliefs to bring to you what you prefer to experience, and stop attracting what you do not want. In practical terms, Avatar graduates frequently report the following results:
  • Experiencing complete ownership of their lives, knowing they are the creators, not the creation.
  • Greater and more authentic success in the areas of their lives of interest to them
  • Deeper and happier relationships with the important people in their lives as they hold them in appreciation, understanding and compassion rather than judgment.
  • A life aligned with an inner purpose, doing work that brings them joy and a sense of fulfillment.

As you read this page, think of two things. What is the biggest problem in your life, something that continues to bother you, cause pain or hold you back? Alternatively, what is your greatest ambition, something you have not yet accomplished? The Avatar Course will provide you with the tools and level of consciousness needed to resolve that problem, and to accomplish that ambition. The path to resolving the problem lies in releasing the judgment associated with the emotions it brings up for you; the path to accomplishing your goals lies in "discreating" the beliefs that define you today, and in creating a new self-definition capable of achieving your desires.

The following pages will provide you with more information about this life-transforming program. I extend a sincere invitation to you to join us in one of the courses listed in our schedule on the Calendar page.

Please do contact us if you have any further questions at (480) 314-1983 or

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