Frequently Asked Questions about The Avatar Course:
Questions Everyone Asks

Why would Avatar interest me?

If your spiritual exploration has brought you to the point where you are ready to:

  • Experience the transcendental, aware being that you truly are
  • Release your perceived limiting beliefs and identities, and consciously become the person you intend to be
  • Design and create the life you have truly wanted
  • Connect with the essence of other human beings instead of their identities

Then Avatar is the course for you.

How does Avatar work?

The Avatar tools enable you to conduct a deep exploration of your beliefs and identities. You start to distinguish the essential you from your beliefs, and experience how those beliefs are manifesting your life. As you use the tools to "discreate" these impeding beliefs, you experience the level of being where beliefs and identities are consciously created. You discover your ability to discreate and create new beliefs and experiences at will. You have rediscovered your power to deliberately design and create your life.

How is Avatar different from other such programs?

Most personal development or spiritual programs present you with a new set of beliefs to live by, attempting to replace the ones that someone gave you with another set from someone else. True transformation occurs when you discover and experience the self that transcends all beliefs and identities. At this level of being, you can discreate and create your beliefs and identities at will, and choose your own path.

During the course, you experience this level of being. You also receive a set of tools that enable you to continue your explorations on your own.

How can I get more information?

In several ways:

  • Explore this website and the Star's Edge website at
  • Obtain a free copy of the Avatar Journal, by requesting it from the Star's Edge website.
  • Order any of the following from us at the online store, or by calling (480) 314-1983:
    • Living Deliberately: The Discovery & Development of Avatar, by Harry Palmer ($15.00) - This hardback book chronicles Harry Palmer's search into the workings of consciousness. A milestone in his research was the development of a technique that demonstrates that our experience is shaped by our own consciousness--our own beliefs--and not the other way around.
    • ReSurfacing® Workbook: Techniques for Exploring Consciousness, by Harry Palmer ($15.00) - This workbook contains 30 exercises that you can do alone, with a group, or in The ReSurfacing® Workshop. The term "ReSurfacing" refers to the action of disentangling yourself from old creations and rising back into awareness. It is a process, paralleling nature, of revealing yourself to yourself.
    • Power Pack ($25.00) - Includes: Living Deliberately Book, ReSurfacing® Workbook, Start Taking Back Your Life Booklet, How to Create Magic in Your Life audiocassette, and a one-year subscription to the Avatar Journal

How do I enroll in the course?

Please check our course schedule and register on-line. To discuss how you might use the Avatar Course in your specific life situation, please call Sunil Ahuja at (480) 314-1983 or email him at You may enroll for the entire nine day course, or for as many sections as you choose.


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