Avatar Graduates Comment: "It's a beautiful place to be."

James Engelbrecht , Phoenix, Arizona: Finally! A comprehensive road map to achieving peace and happiness in this life. The Avatar experience has filled in the missing piece of how to interact with this life instead of react to it.

Michele Elizabeth, Author "White Butterfly," Mill Valley, California:  I have been deeply transformed by going through the Avatar course with Sunil.  I now palpably feel a big, silent space within me.  I have popped out the other side of the illusion and can now access the Oneness much more regularly.  If you’re ready to take the next step in your evolution and have the courage to get there, I huge-heartedly recommend the divine and grounded presence of Sunil Ahuja as your guide

Laura Orsini, Writer and Freelance Book Editor, Phoenix, Arizona:  The Resurfacing program is about uncovering core beliefs. Having been alive for 40 years and relatively conscious for at least the last 10 of them, I figured I understood my core beliefs. What I hadn’t known was how interconnected they all were. The things that have been tripping me up in my relationships are the same things that have been tripping me up in my professional success. My abundance and prosperity mindset has certainly been shifting for the positive over the last few years – but the Resurfacing program connected the dots as it revealed how my success blueprint relates not only to relationships but to money, as well. The exercises in the Resurfacing program seem not only simple, but so simplistic that you wonder how they could possibly impact you. However, within two weeks of participating in the Resurfacing class, I landed the single most significant client of my career; I have attracted far greater knowledge and information about relationship success and have shifted the energy in some key relationships; and, most importantly, I feel happier – like everything is really, truly possible. I came into this an optimist. Now, it’s not just positive thinking – it’s positive reality. Thanks, Sunil, for guiding me through the initial part of the Avatar program.

Jenny Simon, Therapist, Tucson, Arizona:  Sunil is the real thing! There are many Avatar masters and workshops available, however I feel strongly that Sunil is a true student of life and a master of compassion and kindness. I am so thankful to have shared this process with him.
The Avatar process is a self-adapting tool box that can explore levels of awareness from how much attention is spent on self-judgment to unraveling a deeply held belief regarding personal empowerment.
I have been searching for the truth for the last 13 years. I have completed a Masters in Psychology and a PhD in Philosophy as part of the search. I have never encountered such a life changing process as Avatar. Avatar is a "seemingly" simplistic process that that creates a depth of awareness to rival any modern psychological or philosophical process. Sunil's warmth, depth, and calmness allow the student the safety to explore unknown terrain.
This is not a "feel good" workshop that disappears after a few weeks, this work permeates your being and shifts your worldview. I honor Sunil, I honor Avatar.

Erin Easton, Medical Technician & new Avatar Master, Mesa, Arizona: Completing the Avatar program has changed my entire perspective on life. I walked away with renewed hope for achieving the life I had always imagined living. I began to get along with my coworkers, family members and bosses. I began enjoying my job and excelling at it. Avatar helped me see the power and control I have over my life. It gave me the tools to be able to change my life in the areas that were not personally satisfying. The Avatar program has helped me jump start the life I have always wanted. I am grateful to Sunil for his patience, knowledge and desire to help others.

Jennifer Miranda, C.E.O., Mandala Tearoom and Mandala Apothecary, Scottsdale, Arizona: Avatar is like having a personal trainer for your soul...you get a great workout with amazing results. It’s active and self participatory.  Sunil guided me through a life creating experience.  I am grateful.

Eric Neufer, School Teacher, Phoenix, Arizona:  Many, many thanks for a great course.  My sense of alignment is at an all-time high.  The distinction between experiencing and expressing an emotion feels very liberating.  Uncovering my belief about emotion always leading to action was right on.  What is different about this material for me as compared to other spiritual tools I've encountered is that it fills in many of the gaps that are already in me as opposed to something trying (or at least my perception is that it's trying) to impose its own agendas

Nadina Fish, Accountant, Phoenix, Arizona:  I would like to express my appreciation and satisfaction for what this course made available to me. I would like to tell anyone who is considering whether to take the course to ask themselves: "Why would I not want to experience what there is to experience, feel what there is to feel?" Don't think so hard. Allow yourself to just be. A new sense of freedom and peace will make itself know. It's a beautiful place to be!

Dan Petersen, Master Coach, Cortez, Colorado: Introduction to a practice of experiencing life differently was most profound when going to a level of of experience that I call awareness. The gift of this journey is currently new ways of seeing possibilities in my work and my personal relationships beyond anything I held possible prior to this week. I am very much looking forward to seeing how this new way of being manifests.

Joe Sykes, I.T. Project Manager, Phoenix, Arizona: Besides his masterful delivery of the Avatar material, Sunil's love for and commitment to people and their transformation shines through. He created a quiet and safe environment in which I felt welcomed and free to get as much out of the program as I desired and was willing to go for. Thank you Sunil for a wonderful experience!

Wilma Anderson, Long Term Care Coach, Littleton, Colorado: I completed the AVATAR course several years ago when I was at a particular 'stuck' time in my life. Sunil carefully guided me through the program and was instrumental in helping me to examine the new possibilities. My life changed completely and I am eternally grateful for his willingness to peacefully offer his support & input throughout this time. Any individual who is ready to live at their full potential would be wise to seek out the guidance and direction from Sunil!

Karen Alphonse, Attorney, Miramar, Florida: Sunil has a unique way of tapping unconscious beliefs which may keep us from meeting our goals. His approach is subtle, but the shifts are measurable. Anyone brave enough to take on rigourous self-discovery will benefit from working with Sunil.

Marilyn Segal, Spiritual Healer, Boca Raton, Florida: At first I thought it was going to be weird to take something so deep from a friend. Then it was spending the money and then, what if I never use it. To be honest, I do not use it consciously but I am aware of how fast I get myself out of my stories and go straight to the source — so I guess I am using it. Sunil, you delivered with excellence. You were strong and gentle and never judging. I felt safe to go wherever I needed to go. I felt it was easier to go straight to source with you holding the space for me, as I allowed myself to effortlessly connect. I do know I am connected and I am consciously every day wanting to connect even deeper. We all have our own paths and I applaud you handsomely for sharing your knowledge, your expertise and holding the space for me to grow. Thank you Sunil. I couldn't have asked for a better teacher.


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