Avatar and Development : A Process of Transformation


The Process of Development

We have discussed human development in depth on other pages in this website (see Development and Coaching).  Briefly, over a half century of research has provided us with an understanding that human beings develop along multiple dimensions through a series of distinct stages.  At each more evolved stage, we experience, according to Ken Wilber, “greater consciousness, more embracing love, higher ethical callings, great intelligence and awareness.”


Developing through each stage requires a significant transformation in how we see ourselves: our values, beliefs, ways of thinking, feeling, doing and being, in short, a fundamental shift in identity.  This is not an easy process.

The obvious question is: how do we do this consciously?  The process involves disidentifying with identities, values and beliefs that compose the stage of development we are transcending, and embracing the perspectives of the stage we are entering.

Our identity structures have both cognitive and emotional components.  The first step is to develop a mental awareness and objective understanding of the beliefs that comprise our sense of self at our existing level of development.  This is relatively easy.  The second step is to release the emotional energies that keep the old patterns in place.  As anyone who has tried to change deep and persistent patterns of behavior can confirm, this is much more difficult.

The most effective way to release these emotional forms appears to be to experience them fully.  The difficult part of this is that we generally avoid revisiting buried and painful memories because they are unpleasant, and we can get lost in them.

The Avatar® Process

Avatar® provides a technology that makes it possible to re-experience these structures completely and quickly, without resistance, and then release them permanently.  When this occurs, the next development stage naturally begins to emerge.


The Avatar process methodically and step by step develops our ability to experience things directly, distinct from our normal way of experiencing our interpretations.  Each section of the course builds on the preceding section until it all falls into place.


In Section I, Resurfacing®, we first bring our attention back into the present, transforming it from sticky to free flowing, and then develop our ability to direct and focus it where we want to.  Mastery of attention is the fundamental building block to any conscious development process.  Secondly, we explore our belief systems, developing an understanding of our identity structures, visible and invisible, where they came from, and how they, in fact, determine how we live our lives.


In Section II, through a series of exercises and practices, we learn to experience directly, and not through our filters of perception. We begin with inanimate objects, expand to plants, animals, and people, and then finally our own beliefs, thoughts and emotions.  At the end of these exercises, we can experience anything without judgment.  A second series of exercise enables us to create and experience dfferent states of consciousness at will.

Section III brings it all together.  We learn and experience a five step process that we use to fully experience any mental and emotional identity structures, disidentify with them and release them.  We begin with a tour releasing some of the most fundamental, transparent belief structures of consciousness, structures invisible to you as you look through them, not at them.  As these identity structures drop away, the student has an experience of pure awareness, the authentic self when the mind is still and the ego absent.  This peak experience is a temporary “state,” as all states of consciousness are, but something has been revealed and experienced that can never be completely forgotten.  You now know who you are, and that “source self” has the tools to continue to release the programmed patterns of the ego, and emerge into its own true potential.




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