The Bandwidth Workshop : Increasing Workforce Capacity

Meditating Office Worker

Workshop Description

The Bandwidth Workshop unleashes human capacity by reducing stress, freeing attention and de-cluttering your mind. 

In these uncertain times, are you or your employees experiencing a loss of productivity through stress and distraction.  In this innovative one-day workshop, you will learn simple and practical techniques to:

  • Free your attention from those distracting concerns and focus it on the task at hand.
  • Meditate, quiet your mind, and release stress.
  • Organize, align and prioritize your goals, projects and tasks to enhance your effectivess and efficiency

Expected Results

  • Increased employee productivity and performance
  • Stronger staff commitment
  • Reduced sick leave and absenteeism
  • Greater customer satisfaction
  • Enhanced efficiency and peace of mind


This workshop is delivered in collaboration with Teresa Kiser, MBA, Performance Management Consultant.

Teresa is the President of Wiser Business Solutions a business consulting firm. She has spent the last twenty years coaching people and organizations toward excellence. Her focus assists professionals and organizations in the following areas:  professional development, performance management, strategic planning, optimizing personal and professional organizational efficiency, improving financial management, and inspiring positive organizational culture.  Teresa has consulted with professionals in a wide array of industries including; education, healthcare, manufacturing, marketing and advertising, real estate, and technology. She graduated from Portland State University with a BS in biology and earned her MBA in International Business from Mercer University Stetson School of Business and Economics in Atlanta, Georgia. Currently she is working on her certification in Somatic Experiencing, a methodology that restores human instinctual capacities



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