Soul Dancers' Experience: "I can experience true connection and still be fully myself ."

Comments from Participants in Soul Dance Workshops


David Rausenbach, Software Engineer, Ahwatukee, Arizona

My wife and I had not done a couples workshop in over 15 years, and were looking for new tools. We had come a long way on our own, but also knew it was a good time to reach out and have a teacher get us on the fast track. We were pleasantly surprised by the Soul Dance workshop, which exceed our expectations.


First we found ourselves enjoying the structured outline that stepped us through new and exciting material, including the fascinating human development models. These immediately clarified for us why we could not break through and connect with several close acquaintances. Then we enjoyed learning the Freudian/Jungian theories of the selfplex model, that explained where we carry some self-image & expectations baggage, which is all in the way of working with what is really there & real. Then we were fascinated to learn that all intimate relationships go through 3 stages (first rigid gender roles, then good friends or business partners & loss of passion, and finally a 3rd stage of reactivated sexual polarity that most couples never realize). It all lined up nearly perfectly with our experience, and gave us clarity in areas where we had been fuzzy and frustrated.


The real bonus for us was that we had come into the workshop expecting to do the hard work, and thought we would leave exhausted, as when we worked out other issues in the past. But instead, we found ourselves leaving the workshop refreshed, recharged, and empowered with lots of new knowledge.


Thomas Cyriac, MD, Psychiatrist, Scottsdale, Arizona

Overcoming my initial skepticism and uncertainty, I listened to my intuition and attended the workshop and found the time & energy invested worthwhile where new concepts were presented and learning through sharing and listening was emphasized. The practical interactive exercises made it much more personal and connected with the concepts. Its an ongoing process. Sunil's temperament and relaxed approach and handling issues skillfully was much admired and appreciated by me and rest of the group. Insights about masculine/feminine, love, relationships, purpose was quite meaningful.

Mila Bogoslavsky, Sales Executive, Scottsdale, Arizona

Thanks to the“Soul Dance” workshop and to its great balance between human psychology and spirituality, I have discovered a perfect environment to unleash all my fears and for the first time face and overcome the emotional blocks that have been preventing me from finding the harmony I have been craving for. “Soul Dance” workshop helped me understand myself better, what I want, why I want it and what stands in a way. It felt as after these two days, my journey has just begun. The learning experience occurred not just from the book material, but also from the group mates that shared their stories, offered their advice and attentively listened to my fears and cancers. It was a great positive and non-judgmental environment, where everyone was ready to redesign their life and find quality, longevity and happiness in the current, or future relationships. "

Leah Lamphier, Aesthetician, Scottsdale, Arizona

I can't thank Sunil enough for showing me how to open my heart even more in my relationship. He has such a kind, loving way in helping us figure out what we most want in our relationships through Soul Dance. Reminding me that we have the power to create exactly what we want was just what I needed.

Andrew Roman Zaplitny, Life Coach and Business Consultant, Cave Creek, Arizona

I am grateful to Sunil Ahuja for masterfully facilitating Soul Dance - a truly wonderful opportunity to put your relationship(s) in perspective. If you don't regularly take the time out to ask and honestly answer the deeper questions as to why you want a relationship in the first place, why you attract the people & experiences you do, and what you are really looking for through your relationship (among other key questions), I would highly recommend investing the time, participating and transforming - you will be glad you did... Namaste.

Monique Lorimer , Entrepeneur, Mesa, Arizona

Soul Dance is an amazing course that gave me insight into my programs and misconceptions about relationships. I learned a plethora of new ideas which I am anxious to test in my soul mate relationship.Most importantly, Sunil has helped me release misplaced energy during our one on one sessions. His kindness and compassion have truly touched my soul. Thank you Sunil!

John and Sue Van Steinburg, New River, Arizona

I have to tell you that my wife and I had some reservations about taking the Soul Dance workshop.  However, after the first day I felt I was on the edge of a cliff but knew it was going to be OK to take the plunge into the unknown.  By the end of the workshop our minds were changed forever. We knew we could not stop the ever evolving personal and couple growth experience that started because of your workshop. We each experienced something different as we had led different lives before marriage.  In the afterglow of that experience we talk to each other like never before in our 38 years of marriage.   In short, the value of that workshop is far beyond the time and money invested.  All I can say is Thank You!

Kathleen Kelly , Massage Therapist, Mesa, Arizona

Soul Dance is a very powerful and transformative workshop. Sunil is a highly intelligent and insightful teacher who creates a safe container where one can explore their ideas and beliefs that cause havoc in relationships.  This was quite an eye opener for me. He then offers tools that one can use to create a new, healthier framework for relationships.  His gentle and compassionate nature makes for an awesome experience!

George Maracas, Professor, Engineering and Sustainability, Tempe, Arizona

Your uncannily accurate and deep insights into the students’ complex psyche and heart interactions give the lessons major impact. You constantly amaze me and I thank you for your help and for providing tools to better myself.  The yearning/fulfillment meditation was one of the most powerful I’ve ever experienced.  The messages in the class music still touch me.

Shilpa Rao , Product Engineer, Chandler, Arizona

I came away from Soul Dance with valuable insights to the way I "operate" in life. Life mirrors what we think, feel & believe of ourselves and the world. And some of these beliefs need a little prodding to uncover. I developed an awareness of my ego-structure and underlying emotions with which I may approach life - things that may prevent me from fully being me. It was valuable to learn of ways to discreate un-serving beliefs. The possibility of a relationship with another that allows presence, deep connection and a shared belief in mutual growth is beautiful. Sunil, you are a warm and very competent facilitator.

Vick Seil , Piano Teacher, Phoenix, Arizona

Sunil's Soul Dance workshop is imperative for anyone seeking an authentic relationship. We are not taught how to be in a relationship and that is why so many fail. If we don't see what we are doing that is unproductive in a relationship, we will continue to do the same thing over and over! Sunil is very insightful and shares his extensive knowledge of relationships with humor and passion.

Ginger Hanson, Entrepreneur and Life Coach, Scottsdale, Arizona
I have experienced such a revelation of self by integrating the principles I've learned in Soul Dance. My relationship has become such a beautiful tool for helping me to see and heal areas of my own consciousness that before I would have passed over as "someone else's problem".  To be able to expose myself with another person mirroring to me my strengths and weaknesses is a blessing and a gift. I would recommend this course to anyone who wants to grow a rich and fulfilling relationship with their selves and their beloved.

Sunil is a teacher who learns and grows with you. He truly is selfless and non-judgmental as he mentors you through his unique courses.  Soul Dance is a beautiful synthesis of concepts and spiritual truths that he has been studying and experiencing on his own path of self discovery. I, for one, am grateful for the Soul Dance workshop.

Dereth DeHaan, Librarian, Tempe, Arizona

Sunil is a gifted teacher, very skilled at synthesizing concepts and presenting them in a way that goes deep into consciousness.  I found that he often captured the essence of a thought or experience I shared, revealing a deeper wisdom/meaning.  His guided meditations were the most powerful I’ve ever experienced, bringing several insights, and in the final meditation, an unforgettable kundalini experience.  As a result of the Soul Dance workshop, I’ve gained clarity about the type of relationship I want to bring into my life.  I’m continuing to process the insights that were revealed, and they are helping guide me to areas of exciting new experience and personal/spiritual growth.


Michele Elizabeth, Author, FemBodyVerse and White Butterfly, Mill Valley, California

“Differentiation for integration”— Soul Dance’s 3C’s are the different and essential parts for a fully integrated and intimate relationship.  Consciousness, Connection & Commitment—nearly all of my dating life, I have sought the key elements that must be present for a real, satisfying & intimate relationship.  Sunil has cracked the code once again with his deep exploration of the Soul making true contact with Love, beyond the egoic romantic product we have been seduced by in the past.  Soul Dance yields the authenticity the Soul yearns for in coming home, first to the Self and then, with our partner.  Soul Dance is for anyone who is ready to step beyond the illusion of product-love and move into an evolutionary dance with another.

Fernando Rosete, Certified Personal Trainer/Strength & Conditioning Coach, Seattle, Washington

I am very thankful to Sunil and the material he presented in this workshop.  Through this work, I was able to discover the essence of my internal feminine/masculine relationship and how I project and attract that to and from the outside.  My girlfriend and I have both worked with Sunil and apply the technology in our daily life to expand and nurture each other in our relationship. Thanks Sunil. It was an amazing journey.

Right after the workshop, I got home and wrote a poem I just read to Kristina over the phone. She says hi to you too and wants to take the Soul Dance workshop whenever you do it again!  This is based on one of the meditation exercises we did:

Love is presence
When you are here
I feel it raw, in essence
The deepest journey into your eyes
So overwhelming like the ultimate skies
My heart melts into yours
In immense and infinite blossom
Shining from deep inside
Covering the horizons
Right through intriguing darkness
You have mine
I possess yours
For a moment of delightness
Imminent bliss, shower of joy
Nothing but the purest surrender to love

I look forward to continuing my transformation work with your support.

Brian Sinuk , Entrepeneur, Scottsdale, Arizona 

Having attended many, many workshops, I am grateful at the unique experience that the Soul Dance workshop offered.  The material was fresh and new, and provided me with several personal epiphanies.  The knowledge and authenticity of Sunil can not be denied, he is a true master.

Teresa Kiser , Business Consultant, Mesa, Arizona

Thank you, thank you, thank you!  "Soul Dance" made it so much less about the other and so much more about my relationship with myself. I see so clearly that it is really about the inner dance. My dissatisfaction with the other is really a dissatisfaction with that which I am not providing myself.

Lara Von, Corporate Trainer, Scottsdale, Arizona 

I feel like I know myself so much more intimately. I feel empowered now because I know the things that my heart is longing for are real and I can experience true connection and still be fully myself. I feel a sense of peace and inner knowing regarding my current and future relationships. I always feared that my life would be full of longing for that “right” relationship for me but that it would always evade me somehow.  Now, I know I’m on the right path and positioned perfectly for every intimate connection that unfolds.

I am much clearer about what I want to experience and because of this there isn’t as much fear about showing someone who I really am. I have always been afraid of sharing the deep things—would that other person ever truly “hear” me? I discovered in the workshop that I must first hear myself and then be open to giving someone the opportunity to hear me. Being able to hear myself is the cake and being heard by another is the icing. Since the workshop I’ve delved into conversations with my boyfriend that I would have never dared before. I’m not sure what’s happening—but it feels like he hears every word deeply and values these moments. And I wonder—is it really me that is now able to hear every word deeply and able to value every moment for exactly what it is, without judgment or fear?

Laura Orsini, Writer and Freelance Book Editor, Phoenix, Arizona

As a woman who has read many a self-help/relationship book – and even having studied with Sunil in the past – I was amazed at the depth he reached with regard to relationships in such a short time, all the while keeping the language understandable and the participants fully engaged. We started off with who we are, what we think we want, and why we think we want it. Only after mastering – or at least beginning to understand – the answers to those questions, can you begin to think about what you want/need in your partner. A remarkable discovery emerges: it’s often not what you think you want/need. I was able to learn about past habits that have been so transparent I never even saw them, and patterns I want to shift, going forward. Thanks to Sunil, I truly believe I now have the skills to shift them. I would recommend this course to any man or woman – whether they’re presently in a relationship or single – who desires the deeper self-knowledge that will lead to more fulfilling relationships.

Jenny Simon, University Director of Clinical Operations, Tucson, Arizona

This was an illuminating workshop, Sunil is the great synthesizer. Romantic relationships are at the core of accelerated spiritual growth. Often main stream society assumes that the goal is simply to be in a loving relationship. But what if I am seeking more? My life is yoga and my practice must come off the mat…so maybe there is a higher understanding of what I want in a relationship. This workshop helped me uncover some core beliefs and put romantic relationships among my list of spiritual practices.

Erin Easton, Medical Technician, Phoenix, Arizona

I really enjoyed Sunil’s course on relationships. This course helped me to see how I was creating the problems in my relationships. I left feeling open, hopeful and enthusiastic about an intimate relationship with another human being.

Marissa Theisen, President/CEO, Non-profit Organization, Phoenix, Arizona

Sunil is a wise and patient teacher. He is well versed in a variety of transformational disciplines and practices that enhance the depth of this workshop.  If you are truly interested in exploring your role in creating relationships, you will certainly benefit from this experience.

Gina Cinardo, Photographer/Artist, Mesa, Arizona

I was very pleased with the Soul Dance workshop presented by Sunil Ahuja and would absolutely recommend it to my friends who are dealing with troubled relationships.  His knowledge and experience made the material very interesting.  This workshop was quite an “eye opener” on how I view the opposite sex in relation to myself and my own belief structure.

Heather Kozan, Mesa, Arizona

I enjoyed the workshop immensely. Connecting with others who are approaching life and relationships from similar views helped me to feel that I am not alone in my ongoing search. The supportive contact was also very helpful. I would recommend this workshop to anyone who is confused and tired of going through the same motions in regards to interpersonal relationships.




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