Dedicated to Assisting People in reaching their Full Potential in Work and Life

Our Mission:

Integral Transformation Systems is dedicated to assisting people to reach and live their full potential in their personal and professional lives.

Our Philosophy

We approach our mission from a unique and exceptionally powerful perspective: distinguishing between competence and capacity

Competencies are what you have. Most practitioners in the field of personal or organization development focus on competencies -- providing people with information and teaching them skills to solve specific problems, develop talents, or overcome weaknesses. Competencies are developed through learning and practice, by adding knowledge and skills.

Capacity, on the other hand, is who you are. Capacities indicate your level of development, and determine your ability to use the competencies. Capability is a natural potential that emerges through a process of growing through and beyond each stage of identity and identification.

We focus on unleashing the innate spiritual potential of all human beings, by assisting them to develop and increase their capacities. We do this by providing powerful transformational processes and tools, integrating ancient and contemporary metaphysical knowledge with modern developmental and transpersonal psychology.

We agree with Ken Wilber that this process requires both the experience of deep spiritual states, and the knowledge of developmental stages. Our programs provide both.

The Avatar® Course provides a powerful set of tools and processes enabling the participant to experience a deep state of spiritual awareness in a relatively short time, compared to traditional methods such as meditation.

Contemporary research on adult development has discovered that human beings develop through distinct and discrete stages. Ken Wilber's "Integral" work has demonstrated that such models, developed from widely differing perspectives, indicate considerable agreement and overlap in the definition of these stages. The general thrust of development is in the direction of increased complexity of thinking and ability to deal with complex situations, seeing the world in an integrated, systemic, and holistic way, enhanced sense of personal freedom and flexibility, identification with larger and larger groups including all of life, increased acceptance, compassion, understanding and depth of relationship, deeper experience of spiritual Self, and of being part of a larger, conscious, spiritual whole.

This research indicates that these capacities emerge, more than they are taught, as if uncovering a pre-existing potential. The process appears to be one of dis-identifying with one's existing identities, values and belief structures. At each new stage, an expanded self emerges. Several models, Graves' and Beck's Spiral Dynamics model in particular, have noted a discontinuity in the latter stages of development, when a distinctly more complex integrated and tolerant consciousness emerges. They called these later levels Tier 2, as opposed to the earlier Tier 1 stages. Metaphysicians would consider these stages to be the initial emergence of a spiritual identity, a soul presence replacing our normal ego based mode of functioning.

Soul Power is a training and coaching program designed to assist human beings assess their location on the development map, survey this new terrain, consciously navigate through it and rapidly emerge into their full potential.

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