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Integral Transformation Systems is a resource for people interested in finding authentic fulfillment in their personal and professional lives.


Most of us look for fulfillment in success, in “having” the good things of life.  Some look for it in creative or contributory work, in the actual engagement with “doing.”  Others try to find satisfaction in close relationships with others.  Still, something always seems to be missing.


That is because true fulfillment and satisfaction is ultimately found in “being.”  As human beings, we all are born with an innate potential far greater than anything we are generally able to see, discover or realize.  As we discover and become more of our true selves, we begin to experience our lives as fundamentally more fulfilling.  


This is not just speculation.  Over the last half-century, there has been significant research in psychology and sociology exploring how human beings develop along different dimensions: cognitive (Piaget, Basseches), social-emotional (Kegan, Goleman), moral (Kohlberg), self (Loevinger, Cook-Greuter, Torbert), values (Graves, Beck), needs (Maslow), and others.


As we develop along any of these dimensions, we “become” more: more present, more aware, more open, more alive, more connected, more effective in work and life, happier and more fulfilled.  The process of development is natural, up to a point.  This “point” is the level of development of a society and culture.  This level acts as an attractor pulling people to the dominant existing level.  Beyond that, the “pull” is an inhibitor, restraining people from developing past the existing belief and value structures. 


Our mission is to assist the process of development beyond this limiting point, by making it conscious.  We can develop consciously by exploring and understanding our current levels of development, as well as our specific sense of who we are, our beliefs, values, ways of thinking, feeling, relating and acting.  As we become objective about ourselves, we can see and release the patterns that hold us tied to our current developmental level and its limitations.  As we release these beliefs, we naturally “emerge” into the next stage, a piece of our innate and inherent potential.  If we are aware of the characteristics of this level, our transition is easier, as we now have a map of where we are going, and the territory is not uncharted.


If you would like to discover how our training and coaching programs can assist your process of consciously discovering, realizing and expressing your true potential, please begin at any of these pages:

All workshops in Scottsdale, AZ unless otherwise noted.

Featured Workshops


Soul Dance

Friday,November 18th

6pm - 9pm

Saturday, November 19th

9am - 7pm

Sunday,November 20th

1pm - 6pm

September - November Courses

ReSurfacing (Avatar Section I)

Saturday, October 1st - Sunday, October 2nd

9am to 6pm approx

Avatar Section II

Thursday, October 13th- Sunday, October 16th

9am to 6pm approx.

Avatar Section III

Friday, Novenber 11th- Sunday, November 13th

9am to 6pm approx.


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Graduates Speak:

Soul Dance:

I feel empowered now because I know the things that my heart is longing for are real and I can experience true connection and still be fully myself. I feel a sense of peace and inner knowing regarding my current and future relationships. I always feared that my life would be full of longing for that “right” relationship for me but that it would always evade me somehow.  Now, I know I’m on the right path and positioned perfectly for every intimate connection that unfolds.

Lara Von, Trainer, Scottsdale, AZ



I have never encountered such a life changing process as Avatar. Avatar is a "seemingly" simplistic process that that creates a depth of awareness to rival any modern psychological or philosophical process. .
This is not a "feel good" workshop that disappears after a few weeks, this work permeates your being and shifts your worldview.

Jenny Simon, Therapist, Tucson

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